About Us

Exclusively Handmade in Latvia

Handmade Wool products

These voluminous, warm and stylish coats were made from a long-cherished idea of a long knitted coat, which I had imagined with the eyes of the spirit, but could not find anywhere. When discussing this idea with a friend, we realized that we had to give it to ourselves, so we found a knitting master who tried to materialize our intentions and vision. It was not easy with the realization, after the realization of many samples we slowly came to the result we wanted to achieve.

Individual Measurments

Each of our coats is created in one copy, each individually selected different, but at the same time mutually coordinated and original yarns. Coats are knitted according to each customer’s individual measurements and, if necessary, specific wishes. We use yarns made in both Latvia and Italy, choosing the most original and interesting solution. Coats are knitted only from 100% natural wool and effect yarn, putting the most positive thoughts and ideas into each product. Each handmade coat is original, unique and will delight every wearer!

Contact us, we will listen to your ideas and wishes.